Thief's Magic

Thief's Magic - Trudi Canavan So, you like epic fantasy, but you don't like all the trimmings that come with it?

You don't like two-page descriptions of a single flower or ye olde language?

Then baby, have I got a book for you!

I've always loved Trudi Canavan's books because they are fantasy without all the froufrou most authors insist upon. Now don't get me wrong, most days I am all about the froufrou, but sometimes you just want to read something that tells you a story, you know? You don't want to be impressed by the author's clever use of language or beautiful descriptions, you just want a good story well told.

Canavan does this so well, she sometimes reminds me a little of Heinlein, even though their styles are completely different.

Well worth a read, if it's the kind of thing you like.