Deadline - Mira Grant It's always kind of hard to review a second book in a series. How do you do it without spoiling the first book for everyone else?

Well, I'm going to give it a go!

Feed ended with a Very Bad Thing happening. Deadline starts with a Very Bad Thing happening.

Shaun and co. are surprised when Doctor Kelly Connolly, a former CDC flunky, shows up at their door with proof that someone is killing people with reservoir conditions (reservoir conditions are what happens when the zombie virus goes live in parts of the body without actually turning the host into the shambling undead). Shortly after, their offices go boom.

From then on, the staff of After The End Times are on the run, being chased by a variety of villains and, incidentally, also encountering outbreaks wherever they go.

I really enjoyed it, despite the fact that the incompetence of the villains made their continued existence less than likely. Who triggers a zombie outbreak to take care of a pair of nosy journos? The CDC, apparently...

The book ends on the Mother of All Cliffhangers. Seriously, be glad that Blackout is already out and you won't have to wait a year or more before being able to read it.