Were She Belongs

Were She Belongs - Dixie Lynn Dwyer I found this book incredibly annoying. The heroine starts out strong but lets herself be consumed by the three 'heroes'.

The heroes are overbearing douchecanoes who hand out spankings for keeping secrets about things that frankly weren't any of their business (or, you know, things she didn't actually fucking know) , while keeping it secret that the 'hickeys' they laid on her were actually mating bites. She never actually confronts them about it. They also expect her to be completely servile and submissive which, fine, whatever floats your boat, but if you want someone like that why not go look for someone like that? Instead of breaking a perfectly satisfactory strong beautiful woman?

Also the writing was kind of bland, and not good enough to make up for the terrible terrible characters.

(also I may have lost something here but at one point the heroine's cast just vanishes)