Kiss of Snow

Kiss of Snow - Nalini Singh I'll write reviews for the others in the series at a later point but I just finished this one so...

I loved it. I really really loved it. I mean, Hawke's dog-in-the-manger attitude toward Sienna in the first part of the book pissed me right the fuck off, and his attempts to maintain emotional distance from her while demanding everything she has were asshole moves (but hey, at least he admits that he's being an ass, so it could be worse).

Actually, much as I love him (and I do love him) I spent an awful lot of this book wishing I could take a cricket bat to Hawke's fat head. Seriously. At one point he basically publicly claims Sienna, ensuring that she will never ever be able to find a date for as long as she lives, while planning to work of his Sienna-related sexual tension with someone else. I'm frankly surprised Sienna didn't set him on fire with the sheer awesome power of her rage.

Still, when he goes all-in, he goes seriously all-in, and completely breaks my heart.

As for Sienna... I wish I could say she should have a bit of dignity but you know what? She's pretty sure she's going to die soon, and the only thing she wants (other than, you know, to not die) is Hawke. So I guess I can understand why she's willing to take him on on his terms, even though he's hurt her again and again. I guess the thought of dying really does focus the mind.