White Flag of The Dead

White Flag of The Dead - Joseph Talluto I'm a terrible hypocrite.

Ten minutes ago I slammed a book for grammar, and now I'm going to praise another book which has some linguistic issues of its own.

White Flag of the Dead is not terribly well-written, in the purely mechanical sense. There are some problems with words, and I'm fairly sure that even in America educational types know how to spell 'hors d'oeuvres'. My spell checker certainly does, even if I'm not 100% clear on it. So yeah, not without its problems.

"Then why four stars?" I hear you ask.

Because if you tell me a good enough story, with interesting enough characters, then I don't care. You can make me not care by making your characters interesting enough and your story fun enough.

I devoured all the books in this series over a weekend, and I'm not even sorry.