Alas, Babylon

Alas, Babylon - Pat Frank I've been eyeballing this book for a while, wondering whether or not to read it.

I did, and it's just...well. I mean, I gave it five stars, so it's definitely not bad!

Being an older book it has its flaws - the racism is strong in the time period, and sexism is alive and well - but it's really a good story well written.

It may sound strange, being someone who reads a lot of apocalyptic fiction, but I like my apocalypses to end on a vaguely hopeful note, you know? Like, not 'everything is fixed now all go home,' but also not 'everybody died, the end.' I like the stories of the rebuilding, of salvaging something from the ashes. I like the stories where people overcome problems and build a new society.
This book does that very well, with just the right hopeful note to end on.