The First Confessor: Sword of Truth: The Prequel

The First Confessor: Sword of Truth: The Prequel - Terry Goodkind I certainly wouldn't advise anyone to read this book before the Sword of Truth series, no matter what the author might have to say.

Not because it might put them off - in fact, it probably will suck them in even better than the original first book did, because it's a fun read - but quite simply because, as River Song would say...Spoilers!

If you're one of the lucky people who watched the original Star Wars trilogy before the newer films, you will know what I mean. You will especially know what I mean if you've ever heard someone say 'but we already knew he is Luke's father' at the pivotal scene.

This book does something very similar to that to a number of things in the Sword of Truth. The devotion to the Lord Rahl, the boxes of Orden...

It's a wonderful book, it really is, although I feel that the writing may have benefited from a bit more spit and polish.

I have a few gripes - mainly the way they try to explain everything, which...yeah. When I read the thing about Magda's hair at the end, I had to stop for some deep thoughts about how over-explaining anything (or in some cases, trying to explain it at all) turns something serious, silly.

It's a great read, fun and quick, but if you're new to the series READ THE OTHER BOOKS FIRST.