A Companion to Wolves

A Companion to Wolves - Sarah Monette, Elizabeth Bear I picked up this book last night, because the third book is due out in a few weeks and I wanted to read the ones that came before before it does. I finished it this morning.

In between, I edited a newspaper (badly, I'm sure), slept three hours, and made up the newspaper. I was so distracted I could hardly think, because I wanted to know what would happen next.

I'll probably pick this book up again in a month or so, just so I can reread and make sure it really is as awesome as I, in my sleep-deprived state, think it is.

I'm betting I'm not wrong, because anything that can keep me up the way this book did when I have to be up at Oh God No o'Clock, just has to be good.

The characterization is flawless, and although I sometimes got characters confused (especially during the orgy, but that's a common problem with orgies and I don't blame the authors for that) I really did fall in love with some of them.

I have a feeling, too, that when I reread I will discover that this book has a lot of hidden themes, about equality, and gender, and sex (well, the sex one isn't all that hidden) and other stuff that I am simply too dazed to think of right now.

TL:DR - book is great, ruined my sleep, if the second one ruins my nap this afternoon I shall be upset.