Blackout - Mira Grant So, this is the last book in the Newsflesh series. It's kind of hard to talk about without spoiling the previous two, but...

Honestly, this book is great. There are some zombies (IN THE WHITE HOUSE!!!) and Rick from Book 1 makes a reappearance. As does now-president Ryman, who's still pretty cool.

Once again, the CDC are the kings of unnecessarily convoluted plots, but I suppose that's a villain thing. Probably they took villaining lessons from Doctor Evil.

Cloning is a thing in this book. I'm not entirely sure that I approve of the memory transfer method, it has a slight smell of handwavium to it, but on the other hand I am not a neurologist, so what do I know?

Anyway, I'm not going to say much about the plot, except to say that I wasn't a huge fan of the ending. While it's definitely an earned happy ending, it seems to me like the story stops a bit short, like there was more than could have been said.

That being said, Mira Grant is periodically releasing new short stories and novellas in this 'verse, so who knows? Maybe we will see the Masons again.