Feed - Mira Grant I haven't reread the Newsflesh trilogy since Blackout came out, and I'm not sorry. A nice long break gave me the opportunity to reread with a fresh eye.

It was amazing, though, to see how my reading speed fell like a rock as I approached the very bad,horrible, terrible no good ending. You think you know how much an author can hurt you? You are Jon Snow, and until you've read this book,you know nothing.

Feed is different from other zombie books because here, the zombie apocalypse is already more or less over. The Rising was 20 years ago and now it's up to George and Shaun to live with the aftermath, which includes a presidential campaign, zombies, blogging, zombies, and a shadowy conspiracy that isn't above... Well, anything.

Well worth reading if you like zombies stories, and probably even if you don't.