Keeping Her

Keeping Her - Kelly Lucille I seriously cannot believe that I am giving a four-star review to an author who apparently suffers from a complete inability to use apostrophes correctly (you're/your errors make my brain sad) but here I fucking am.

On the one hand, I feel like I shouldn't be rewarding this kind of behaviour on the basis that it'll just make this author (and other authors) think that spelling and grammar are optional in works you expect people to pay actual honest-to-god money for. On the other hand, the fact that I not only finished the book, but actually enjoyed it means that, language issues aside, Kelly Lucille is a fucking genius.

I was literally one more error away from DNF-ing this thing on page one when there was a line that was so fucking laugh-out-loud funny that I just couldn't not finish it.

Having now read all of this author's Keeping Her books, I can tell you the following:

* Yes, it does get better. Books 2 and on have far fewer grammar mistakes, but still a few.

* Yes, it's probably worth wrestling with to finish, because the stories are sweet, sexy, and emotionally affecting.

* As far as I can tell, Lucille still does not have an editor, beta reader, or friend-with-a-pen reading through her work to check for grammar, word substitutions, or homonyms.


Enough ranting about that (not really, I have MUCH TO SAY on the subject of people who sell shoddy work for actual fucking money, but I'll save that bile for a book I haven't found myself forced to like despite issues that would normally make me bleed from the eyes).

On to the plot.

It's a pretty cute story. Demon and Clytie meet while she's waiting for her blind date to show up. The chemistry is off the charts. Demon is rude, because he's not good with pretty girls who don't find him terrifying, and Clytie is sassy. Her date is an ass, and Demon utters the immortal words "I like you. Let's go fuck.". Oh yes, he's a smooth one...

Anyway, for some reason she doesn't kick his balls up between his ears and things proceed from there.

There's a bit of drama with Demon hiding his shifter nature from Clytie, some drama from his former pack, and almost a murder, but a very sweet HEA so never fear.


Seriously. You don't need anyone to tell you how to plot, or how to construct a scene, or any of that. You literally just need someone to fix your bloody language. Hell, I'd do it for free if you want, as long as someone fucking does it because grammar errors on a work like this is like spraypaint on the fucking Sistine Chapel.